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As a passionate underwater photographer, I have an insatiable desire to share the beautiful life I am able to see happening in the sea. My photographs are a way for me to document the things I have seen in the most artistic way possible.  The more I visit the ocean, the more I love this valuable resource and the more my desire to preserve it grows. I hope to convey my feelings of respect and awe to others who may not have the opportunity to scuba dive, and share those feelings with those that do.  I also love photography and have spent many hours learning my skill.  For any budding photographers out there, I hope to share some tips for better underwater images through my “Tutorials” page.  Please feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions for future tips.


For the casual observer and amateur photographer, I publish a blog on underwater photography, tips and tricks for better underwater images, and my observations of the beautiful and sometimes strange aquatic world.  Please visit www.waterdogphotographyblog.com and take a look!  My tutorials have been syndicated by UW Photography Guide, a great online resource for underwater photographers.  You can also find my tutorials on Dive Photo Guide.


I am an ALPHA Shooter for SEA & SEA Underwater Imaging Company working to promote Sea & Sea underwater photography equipment.  I use a Nikon D810  camera housed in a Sea & Sea MDX810  housing.  I use two  Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes for most of my lighting.  Although I use a variety of lenses, my lens of choice for wide angle photography is a Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lens and for macro photography I use a Nikon 105mm.  


My work has been published in many publications including Scuba Diver MagazineCalifornia Diver, California Diving News, Dive News Network, Scuba & H20 Adventure, Taucher Review, Sport Diver, Scuba Diver AustralasiaDive Photo Guide and Underwater Photography Magazine.  All content on this site, and all of my images are copyright protected.  If you are interested in using any of my images, please use the contact form to make inquiries, or email me at waterdogphotography@gmail.com.


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4 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. You have a wonderful corner to visit-your blog that is-with an interesting prospective on life that I have never visited.

    Sometimes I wonder how deep can humans go?? We have so much to reveal about our own oceans.

  2. Brook, your images are absolutely extraordinary! I love the way you bring out the colours in some of the more unusual looking sea dwellers. Breathtaking!

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