Underwater Imaging Tutorials and Blog by Brook Peterson


for Better Underwater Photography


The Beginning Beginner

Get Down and Boogie: Three Tips for Beginners:

Tricks for Getting Good “Face On” Shots

Animals in Action:  Tips for Capturing Behavior

Five Tips for Good Composition

Focus, Focus, Focus!  Part 1

Focus Focus Focus! Part 2

Picture Perfect:  What Makes a Good Image Great

And The Winner Is…Tips for Choosing Award Winning Images

Best Lens Choices for DSLR Underwater Photography

Post Processing

White Balance

Clean it Up!  Dealing with Backscatter

Azure Blue-Tips for achieving a beautiful blue background

Dehaze your Underwater Photographs with Lightroom

Cut your Fringe:  Dealing with Chromatic Abberation

Adobe Lightroom’s Local Tools

How to Watermark your Images in Adobe Lightroom

Processing Black and White Photographs in Lightroom

Masking and Local Adjustments – Tips and Tricks

How to Remove Ugly Backscatter Splotches When they Cover Your Subject (Using Lightroom CC)

How to Remove the Dark Blue “Halo” around Circular Fish-eye Images Using Lightroom



Let There Be Light!

Go-To Underwater Wide Angle Settings

Techniques for Shooting Images under Oil Rigs

5 DSLR Life Hacks for Great Macro Photography

Underwater Photography with a Circular Fisheye Lens

Photographing Reef Fish

Five Life Hacks for Better Wide Angle Underwater Photography

How to Shoot Fish in a Barrel

Hocus Pocus!  Using Magic Filters for Underwater Photography

Gizmos and Gadgets for Creative Underwater Photography 

How to Use Models in Underwater Photography

Strobe Positioning for Wide Angle Underwater Photography

Acting Snooty! How to Get Results Using a Snoot for Underwater Photography

Five Tools for Creative Photography on Shipwrecks

Here Comes the Sun!  Using Natural Light Creatively 

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