A Tribute to my Dad

A Tribute to my Dad

Today is Father’s Day, and I’ve been looking through my photographs and thinking of my Dad. John Parkinson is a very talented Landscape Photographer. His love for photography was and is a source of inspiration for me. When I was growing up, we had slide-shows in the family room of his photographs. I always loved those times. My dad has had a productive life in photography. This post is dedicated to him and some of my favorite photographs of his. More of his work and his book (yes, he has a book of his photography!) can be found at artinnature.com.

Bow Pass

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Utah Valley in Autumn  Color on Top of the World 96070148 Turk's Head 'n Me Little Colorado River 2416

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My photographs are taken with a Nikon  D810 in Sea and Sea Housing using two YS-D1 or YS-D2 Strobes.
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