These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

I am preparing for a workshop that focuses on wide angle underwater photography and lighting.  Since I have been thinking a lot about the types of shots I would like to achieve, I decided to go back through my library to some of my favorite wide angle shots and revisit the techniques I have used before.  This post will not focus on the techniques, but will instead be a visual essay of some of my favorite dive sites.

20150618-_BPP0705The Cenotes of Mexico are an iconic place for underwater photography.  This image shows some of the stalactites that formed in a cave before it became flooded with water.


Just across the bay from Manado, Indonesia, is a wonderful Island called Bunaken.  The wall dives around the base of the island are home to hundreds of green sea turtles.


The gentler slopes of Manado are full of sponges and soft corals.


Raja Ampat, Indonesia is famous for its beautiful soft corals, healthy reef systems, and manta rays.  This site is called “Boo Window” and is well known by many divers.


Soft corals attach themselves to all kinds of structure.  Here, one is growing on one of the supports for the pier above in Misool, Raja Ampat.

This coral head is one of my favorite images because of the diversity of life surrounding it.

Verde Island near Puerto Galera, Philippines, has one of the healthiest reef systems in Philippine waters.  This coral head is covered with life and beautiful pink anthias swimming all around it.


I spend a good deal of time diving in my home waters of Southern California.  The kelp forests are beautiful and majestic around the island of Santa Barbara.


The Oil Rigs off the coast of California are also a favorite destination for divers and can be teeming with life.  It is by far one of my favorite dives.

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