Underwater Ballet

Underwater Ballet

My favorite time of year has come for scuba diving in Southern California.  During the months of August to October, it is not uncommon to see large schools of baitfish and lots of other animals feeding on them.  So with that in mind, I anticipated diving under the oil rigs and photographing the eco-palooza that I was sure was going on.  Unfortunately, the visibility was down a bit on the day I took the plunge, so the visions I had of swirling schools of anchovies laced with cormorants and sea lions was somewhat dimmed.  But then something unexpected and marvelous happened. Out of the dark water a form appeared against the sun that was shining dimly through the haze.

Free diver, Alasdair Boyd
Free diver, Alasdair

In fifty feet of water, a man swam by.  He was wearing no scuba, and seemed in no hurry to get back up to the surface.  He stopped for a moment while I took a few pictures.


As he turned around and went toward the surface, it occurred to me how graceful the human form is when viewed in the slow motion of water.  The long fins and slow deliberate movements made a scene reminiscent of a ballet.


To my utter delight, another free diver, John, joined the dance along with a couple of sea lions.  The scene could not have been more ethereal.  It is a Ballet I would attend again and again.


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